Here and now
You never know when you might need to kill someone (c)
в общем так, меня накрыло и я хочу почитать таки новеллу
благо нашла хороший (вроде как) переводчик с кит а еще перевод новеллы на вьетнамский (ну до кучи чего уж тут, вдруг пригодится.. там почему-то длиннее..).
короче в дораме на первом месте любовь а в новелле - борьба за трон и дворцовые интриги х) в дораме почти все влюблены, в новелле все сложнее х) но все равно дорама прекрасна, а новеллу я надеюсь когда-нибудь осилить

и еще буду по ходу дела кидать сравнения с дорамой которые нашла в обсуждении

Принц 2-ой и 3-ий были на одной стороне, хотя 2-ой вроде как ревновал жену к брату и устроил тогда то покушение
The scene of Ying Yue being a hostage happened in the novel as well but instead of hesitating, it wasn't a hard decision for Qi Sheng to choose between his men or Ying Yue's life but Peng Peng ended up stopping him from killing Ying Yue.
Воу. впрочем, логично, в новелле у них даже и любви не было, тоже соглашение
Instead of being the Romeo he was in the drama, the 9th Prince only had his eyes on the throne and used Peng Peng's secret (the soul switch) as a way to form a partnership with Peng Peng. Which meant, Peng Peng never trusted the 9th Prince and there were really no romance between them. и это круто.
The crown prince in the novel is very calculative and a lot of things that he did has a reason behind it.
в дораме убрали многие логические предпосылки и поэтому герои порой ведут себя странно х)
For example, in the novel, he is not really in love with Jiang shi. He and the 5th prince (Jiang shi husband) had to find a reason to make other people believe that they hate each other so the 9th prince doesn’t know that they are from the same side. но судя по покушению не все так гладко х)
а это вообще атас
Jiang shi pregnancy was a lie made by the crown prince because he wanted to know how the Zhang family (the crown princess family) is going to react. He knew that they will made the c princess fake her pregnancy.
и это жесть.
He is also the one behind the assassination attempt against the c princess (like in the drama), but we got the explanation why he did it. Also in that murder attempt, the 9th was not clean too, je also send men to kill her. The c prince and the 9th prince wanted to find a reason to fight against each other and get the throne
бугага это уже из дорамы. люблю этот диалог
He said “let’s make a bet. If I can protect you this entire life, then you have to spend that life reigning the empire with me (be my queen by my side)” but then she said “no, men’s promises are the most useless.”
Their relationship is a lot more complicated in the novel. He’s a king, so he’s very scheming and suspicious. He loves her but at the same time they are forever playing a chess game and trying to maneuver each other. You might need to read the book in order to fully answer your question about their feelings progression.:heart::heart::heart: the book, a large part of the assassination was to lure and trap 9Wang. I’m not sure if he intended to kill her or not.
PP: I’m not jealous at all.
QS: Easily jealous, capricious, even vain and unreasonable are the traits you’ve lost, and I will slowly help you get them back. I will accommodate to you, indulge you, dote on you, love you, until you are willing to take my hand and stand beside me.
PP: Qi Sheng, are you possessed by a romcom male lead? (C)
не помню такого в дораме.. он ей в любви признавался но вот эта ее подколка.. то ли перевели по-другому. то ли я как-то внимания не обратила х) я не могла такое пропустить. такой троллинг :-D